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Info on me:
I am 21 years old and have been roleplaying since finding out what Hetalia was in Tenth grade. I am also a female but I don't see the problem with that at all.

I role play 3rd person, And one thing I crave on your side is detail... also no one liners. Give me a one liner and you will get a Two or three word awnser.

My roleplays generally are 18+ so please no one under that... but we can skip if it makes you uncomfortable...
I am a physical bottom only, so if you are in the same boat then my ad is not for you... unless you are willing to branch out. I have been forced by too many roleplayers to top and I am done.

Characters I roleplay:

Characters I am looking for:
America, Prussia, Sweden, Hong Kong, Denmark, Norway

Ships I love:
AmeCan, PruCan, SuFin, HongIce, DenNor, DenFin, NorIce

Preferred Au's:
Nekotalia, Hogwarts, Magical being's Au (from unicorns to dragons),

Kink: Mpreg, And basically anything not on my No-no list below

No-no's: pee, poop, vore, gore, or rape

My preferred mediums: Kik or email You can find me on skype as well, but please ask for it.

07 September 2016 @ 12:08 am
Name: Nana
Age: 21
Email: oceanpsalms@gmail.com
Timezone: GMT -8/PST
Experience: 6 years of rping
Characters I've RPed as: South Italy, Japan, Prussia
Pairings: Spain/South Italy, Germany/North Italy, America/Japan, Greece/Japan, Prussia/South Italy, Prussia/Hungary. I'm open to other ships
Style: Paragraphs. Lately I've been in the 3-5 paragraphs range, but I can definitely write more.
Preferences: While I wouldn't mind rping through google docs, I'd rather do e-mails. I'm usually more of an modern AU person, or just AUs in general. I don't like doing anything rated M, so if our characters decide to do anything of that nature, it will fade to black. I'm open to Nyotalia and I'm also open to doing platonic rps.
Other: I get that real life stuff happens, so if something comes up, just let me know! Even if it's just that you need some downtime or whatnot, I won't mind. I'd also rather know if you're finding the roleplay stale and want to either add more or stop altogether. Having that said, I wouldn't mind having multiple characters (doubling, tripling, NPCs).

Ah, I was surprised to see that this was still up and running, so I'm gonna give it a shot! It's been hard to find other Hetalia roleplayers... I don't give out my skype, but since I have gmail, im-ing shouldn't be difficult. W
05 September 2016 @ 08:24 pm
Name: Jade
Age: 25
Email: I use this only if you have trouble reaching my Skype and need to ask for an exchange of info. leapingrabbit@hotmail.com
Skype: ionilas (Absolutely my preferred method of contact and rp'ing.)
Timezone: EST
Experience: 13 years. Don't let this intimidate you.

Ratings: Some content can be PG or PG13, but mostly 18+. You must be 18 - 21+ to contact me in most cases.

Style: Third person, paragraph format.

My preferred characters: America and Sweden, though it's been a long time since I've played Sweden. I can be convinced into other characters. I'm not very picky. Also, I can play multiple characters/side characters, and I expect the same in turn.

Pairings: I pair America with almost anyone. Toss something at me, I'll most likely accept it, so long as the plot makes sense and the build-up is solid. Sweden, I prefer to be paired with Denmark. Again, let's toss ideas around. No fighting over pairings, please. There's too much love to spread around to be bickering about which is better and why.

Genres: Canon/nationverse/historical/modern day.
I know this seems to throw a lot of people off. Let me clarify in saying that if your knowledge in the history department is rusty, that's fine. As long as things flow evenly and fluidly, that's what matters to me. I would like it if my partner was willing to look into the canon surrounding the characters, and be willing to discuss ideas and the characters with me before and as we play. Communication is key.

What not to do: Simply not listening to a thing I say will destroy any partnership we may develop. Be respectful and I'll be respectful in turn. Also, a lack of communication and adherence is problematic. DO NOT contact me if you can't even communicate with me, or you will leave for an extended period.

Other information: It's been difficult finding anyone to just play some vanilla Hetalia. As in, the nationverse, and the characters as they are: anthropomorphic representations of countries and their stereotypes. Nothing has to be perfect, but that is all I want. Tweaking of plots and characters come naturally to fit things like romance and violence.
As such, I don't roleplay AUs and I do not roleplay against Nyos, 2Ps, or OCs.
I only play MxM.
Do not beg me to do things.
Also, due to the fact that I enjoy rp'ing America, I've played a lot UsUk/UkUs (whatever). I'm weary of it now. I'd prefer to do something different if I'm to play America. This IS NOT a deal breaker, it's simply a preference!

Ideas: I'm open to almost any historical setting or situation. Let's discuss our ideas together!

I look forward to hearing from everyone. Please, do not feel shy or intimidated or scared to contact. I love meeting new people, and exchanging ideas.
Have a wonderful day.
03 September 2016 @ 11:26 am
Hello! Just thought I'd try this forum out since it's really hard to find anyone who rps Hetalia for some reason. I don't like to discuss any rl things on public forums so....if you have any questions abut the real me, you can send me an email! I'll gladly answer them. I will say that I'm female, in my twenties and most interested in having a romance rp though. <3 I like dramatic, dark, feels covered romance with a little bit of hurt/comfort mixed in.

Characters I'm best at playing: Germany, Austria, Prussia, England
(Willing to try rping as a requested character if none of these suit you.)

I typically have no issue with typing out multi-para responses and would like a partner who could do the same. I express myself a lot in my writing and can't force myself to fit everything into one para or less. It just doesn't work for me. My partner has to enjoy reading and writing as much as I do! Grammar doesn't have to be perfect but I need some who can spell and get a majority of their grammar right. No text talk or missing capitalization/punctuation. That just hurts my brain. >.<

Email: rpacct620@gmail.com

I also have a skype but that will be given only to those I rp with.
28 August 2016 @ 02:39 pm
Hi there!
I'm looking for a roleplay pal for skype.

Name: Macey

skype: mirafallen

Timezone: Central Time Zone

RP Experience: 5 or so years

Characters I RP as: I usually am nyo! america, america, Italy, nyo! italy, canada, nyo!canada, iceland, nyo! iceland, finland, nyo! finland. I can do norway, dennmark, russia and 2p canada but not as good as the first ones listed.

Pairings I like to RP:

Style: I'll do anything from one line to short paragraph

Preferences: cannon or au I really don't care as long as its not smut.

I might also just be looking for someone to join an rp group too. we call it the pasta mafia.
I have to warn you we are all around the age of 16, though im the second youngest (the first youngest only being younger by a few days) and I'm 15.

i usually look for long time rp partner but short term is fine with me.
16 November 2015 @ 10:13 pm

name: Kelly

age: 21

what I rp: France (fabuleuxfr on tumblr)

Activity: Very active, online and replying everyday if not several times a day

What I'm looking for:

I'm looking for someone who wants to rp Scotland in our tumblr based rp group http://eurotalia-rp.tumblr.com

I have been looking for someone to rp Aph Scotland for a while and I've had some people from the group (who rp England and Wales mainly) request for a Scotland so I thought I would make a request here!! I'm specifically looking for someone who is also interested in the ship ScotFra (:

The group is 18+ based (that doesn't mean all smut trust me). It's (ooc)drama free and has been running for a little over 3 years now with still most of It's members intact, so this is also a pretty long term based group.

Please check it out! I hope we can have a Scotland soon!

If you're not interested in Scotland many many more characters are available

22 July 2015 @ 11:54 pm

Hello~ I'm a fellow Roleplayer searching for Hetalia canon roleplayers. I am free all the time since I graduated high school. I use ocs in my rps and can also rp as canon characters. 

I'm searching for Ludwig Beilschmidt/Germany, someone who actually does his German accent in the rp too.

I am a paragraph and semi paragraph roleplayer. I just would like someone who won't drop me during an rp.

How to contact me:

Kik: Kingdomhearts1212
Skype: Leonmichaelis007
IG: Skyrimsfineststormcloak

21 June 2015 @ 11:33 pm
Name: Elle
Email (preferred method of role playing): rpaccount75@yahoo.com
Timezone: Greenwich Mean Time Zone (UTC+00:00)
Experience: 5-6 years
Rating: I have no preference in regards to the rating as I’m open to ideas. I’m completely fine with smut however I would prefer that you were over 18 if we decided to do this kind of role play.
Style: I prefer to role play in paragraphs when role playing however I am flexible with this, depending on how you’d prefer to role play.

My Characters: The characters I mainly role play as are 2p!England (a personal favourite of mine), England, N. Italy and Romano.
Looking for: I’m open to role playing with any characters however I have been looking for someone who supports 2P!USUK and is willing to give role playing as 2P!America a go. (It’s so hard to find people who ship this though. >.<)
The pairings I support are; 2P!USUK, 2P!Gereng, FRUK, USUK, PRUK, Gereng, Spamano and Gerita.

Genres: I’m open to any ideas regarding the genre of role play we do as I like to experiment with a range of different genres. I am particularly interested in high school au’s, Hogwarts au’s and omegaverse however I love to try new ideas, so don’t be afraid to suggest any!
Please just send me an email if you’re interested and I’ll get back to you. ouo/
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